Hello guys!

Welcome on my blog.In the last few months i made a collection of my favourite VSTs and audio softwares(70+ and growing!!!:)
Now iam ready to share with you guys!I host every file on my on private servers,it makes the download very fast and files dont get deleted.
Please DO NOT share my links on public forums,if you share it,sooner or later it will be taken down and the blog will be closed.
I do not split rar files!Only single download links(it makes everything faster and easier).Currently install guide is available for 75-80% of the softwares,hopefully i canfinish the full collection this month(if you have install guides,working crack files,serials,new softwares/VSTs-Feel free to share!).

The rules:

-Since private servers are NOT free i ask you to complete one free survey.Its usually an email submit offer,you can create a seperate email for this
it shouldnt take more than 5 minutes.After the survey completed the locker will unlock automatically and you will have access to all the links on my blog.
-If you completed the survey (I trust you-:) ,but it didnt unlock,just message me to :
tomaburdoo28@yahoo.co.uk and i will send you the full list of links.Please note,iam a human too i need to sleep,eat,work etc..,but i will try to get back to you as fast as possible.
-We can trade links!
If you have some good stuff what isnt listed on my blog(only fully working versions!!!)send it over and i will give you my link list for exchange.
Happy producing!