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Steinberg Virtual Bassist VSTi DXi v1.0

Developed by the makers of the successful VST instruments Virtual Guitarist and Groove Agent, Virtual Bassist offers a vast array of bass phrases, sounds and styles. Simply select the desired style of music and determine the chord or root note via MIDI and your trusty Virtual Bassist will come up with a fitting bass line. You are free to adjust the sound and phrasing of the instrument in real time. The 13 parts and six fills per style offer all the variation options you could wish for. 30 different styles are at your disposal to cover almost every contemporary musical genre, including rock, pop, reggae, metal and hip-hop.

The styles offered by Virtual Bassist cover a broad spectrum of contemporary music genres. While some of the rock and blues styles are fairly safe, the various funk styles have plenty of attitude (the ‘Pop Fills’ style provides a good example) with lots of slapping and popping going on. Another of my favourites is the ‘Tapping’ style which, as its name suggests, is based upon tapping rather than plucking the bass strings. This includes some virtuoso playing of busy arpeggios — they sound great, but I’m not quite sure what musical context I might use them in. The nu metal styles also work well and their character can be changed dramatically by use of the effects options — from bright, clean and powerful (think Linkin Park), through to grungy and snarling (more like System Of A Down).


1) Install Setup.exe

2) Copy “Virtual Bassist Content” dir to a folder of your choice

3) Run the plugin and locate content path manually!

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