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reFX Slayer v2.6.0 VSTi AU WiN/MAC

Slayer is a physical modelled virtual E-Guitar + AMP + Cabinet + FX.
Slayer 2 starts from where its predecessor left off. In particular, the physical model of the guitar has been completely revamped, improving the quality of the simulation dramatically. Not only does Slayer 2 sound a whole lot better, it is also much more flexible.

For example:

Up to 16 effects can now be used simultaneously; half of them before, and half of them after the amplifier. You can place any of the sixteen available stomp-box effects in any of the sixteen available effect slots. When you want to change the order of the effects, just drag’n’drop.

Astonishingly authentic acoustic guitars can be created by altering the size and material used for the guitar-body.

There are also new playing-aids – two new string-types, two new amplifiers and two new cabinets.

The interface graphics have been revamped too. Slayer 2 has a completely new, elegant and refreshing look. The whole look’n’feel makes it much easier and faster to use.

Supplied as a bonus plug-in, a special treat is the effects-only version of Slayer 2. With its own virtual amplifiers and effect pedals, you can even use Slayer 2 on your own guitar! Play your guitar live and Slayer 2 will mangle, smash and contort it to meet your needs.


– Emulates 3 different pick-up types with 9 string variants.
– Guitars material and size can be changed (good for acoustic sounds).
– Built in AMP/Cabinet simulation (6 Amp models & 6 Cabinets)
– 16 effects “pedals” (eight pre-amp, eight post-amp) including “Wah Wah”, Tremolo, Phaser, Chorus, etc.
– Effect-pedals can be moved around to change the signal-processing order (Drag ‘n’ Drop).
– Up and down strumming is supported (up, down, alternate and velocity).
– Playing-aids for instant gratification.
– 128 ready-to-go presets included.
– The effects section is also included as a separate effect plugin.

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